CML : Phoenixed Terminator Railtour.

CML : Phoenixed Terminator Railtour.

20th August 2021 5 By Eddiestobart17

…Not the Picture of the Scenario but of the train you will be driving in this scenario. It’s my Picture ATS Admins.

Phoenixed Railtour in Cornwall.

Hello Driver you join GBRF Class 50s numbered 50049 and 50007 at Plymouth you are incharge of running the Phoenixed Terminator Railtour down to Penzance and Back.

Scenario 1. Cornish Diesels….

You will be running down to Penzance from Plymouth while incharge of the Phoenixed Terminator Railtour.

Scenario 2. Penzance Change Over.

You are now at Penzance, you have the job of running the Class 50 Locomotives round to the other end of the coaches to start the journey back through Cornwall on the return journey.

Scenario 3. Phoenixed Terminator Back through Cornwall.

After bringing the railtour down to Penzance and changing ends at Penzance you are now incharge of runninmg the railtour back through Cornwall on the return journey.

Length of Each Scenario.

Cornish Diesels 90minutes.

Penzance Change Over 10 to 30minutes.

Phoenixed Terminator Railtour back through Cornwall 90minutes.


Cornish Mainline from Steam.

Class 150 pack from Steam …Discontinued…

Class 50 Locomotive Pack from Armstrong Powerhouse.

MK1 Coach Pack from Armstrong Powerhouse.

Class 43 MTU MK3 Enhancement Pack from Armstrong Powerhouse.

Just Trains Voyager.

Class 57 GWR Night Riviera Pack from Vulcan Productions.

Class 150 GWR Reksin from Superalbs.

MK3 GWR Night Riviera Sleeper Pack from Alan Thomson Sim.

Class 43 Revamaped Pack from Major Wales Design.


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