Class 86 Freightliner ‘Zero Injuries’ Patch

Class 86 Freightliner ‘Zero Injuries’ Patch

26th April 2020 2 By Bodge It TMD

Version 1.2

Since acquisition by G&W in 2015, Freightliner has been applying ‘Zero Injuries’ decals to its entire fleet of locomotives (and pretty much everything else!).
This patch adds these decals to both the Freightliner and Powerhaul liveries supplied with the AP Class 86 EP, with new bin files provided to separate these variants from the standard ones.

What’s new in v1.2?
– Made compatible with the 2021-03-24 update to the AP Class 86 Enhancement Pack

What’s included?
– Freightliner variant with yellow/grey decals
– Powerhaul variant with grey/black decals

– Steam: Class 86 Loco Add-On
– AP: Class 86 Enhancement Pack

– A manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!