Class 68 Visual Additions

Class 68 Visual Additions

7th May 2020 11 By JamesIvell

This patch for the Class 68 add a number of visual details to the 68 liveries that come with the AP Class 68 EP Which Include

  • 3D nameplates replacing the 2D nameplates provided in the EP (Nameplates current as of 7/5/20)
  • Bobcat decal present on 68028 TPE livery
  • Vossloh and Stadler Builder plates with correct year and ID number for each loco
  • AAR socket as found on 68008-68015
  • CAF Mk5 socket as found on 68019-68034 on DRS* & TPE liveries


*Socket only present on 68033 & 034 as per reality



Train Simulator: ScotRail Class 68 Loco Add-on

Armstrong Powerhouse: Class 68 Enhancement Pack