[CH] 6M87 19:20 Immingham H.I.T. – Ratcliffe Power Station (1990)

[CH] 6M87 19:20 Immingham H.I.T. – Ratcliffe Power Station (1990)

8th November 2021 4 By 45596 Bahamas

You are awaiting the road out of Lincoln, once you get that you may depart. You will be following another service for some time so be expectant of some yellows and possibly reds. It should be a clear run after Nottingham though, once you get into Ratcliffe, you will be tasked with unloading the train and running it round the loop. Then await your departure time from Ratcliffe and run empty up to Toton where you will drop off your wagons and stable your loco on the fueling road.


AP Class 37 Vol. 1
AP Class 43 (Valenta) EO
AP Class 56 EP
AP Class 150/1 EP
AP Class 156
JT Class 60
AP Mk1 Coach Pack
AP Mk2a-b-c Pack
AP Mk2D-F Pack
JT VGA Wagon Pack
DTG Class 20
DTG Woodhead BR Blue
MJW HST Revamp Pack
Oovee TEA Tankers
SHG Class 58
VP BR Blue Class 20 Reskins
VP Large Logo Tinsley Class 56

Note: Due to trainsim being trainsim, you are unable to get the green “Tick” to say you have completed this scenario, other than that the scenario should work fine – any issues please leave a comment below.