[CB] The Metro Marauder Scenario Pack

[CB] The Metro Marauder Scenario Pack

26th May 2022 17 By CrankyBot

Changelog – 31/05/22 –
> Patched Scenario 1 (hopefully have), fixed a crawling issue with 1K15/18 at Epsom.

It is worth noting Scenario 5 is a massive hit or miss due to how botched the DTG Dispatcher is, give it a Restart (via the Pause Menu) and if the second signal is green you are clear for the rest of the scenario, if not, let me know below and I’ll work on an alternative option

The Metro Marauder Railtour is to commemorate the 39 years of service that 455/8s have performed with GTR Southern Railway. It was hosted on 14th May, 2022 by Branch Line Society alongside Network SouthEast Railway Society with sale stands. The Railtour featured 2 x Class 455/8 throughout, the charity tour formed a number of unusual routes for the class and included a circa 1 hour comfort and refreshment break in Brighton before returning to the capitol. The traction for the entire journey was 455835 + 841 and had two drivers in both end cabs to assist in the journey.

Entailed in this Scenario Pack is 7 scenarios covering all 6 journeys that 835+841 took part in on the 10 hour journey along the Southern region of the UK totalling to just over 5 hours and 30 minutes of scenario gameplay. The services are:
> 1Z55 09:02 London Victoria – Billinshurst Signal T1430
> 1Z56 10:25 Billinshurst Signal T1430 – Brighton
> 1Z57 12:55 Brighton – London Charing Cross
> 1Z58 15:31 London Charing Cross – London Blackfriars (Delayed)
> 1Z59 16:42 London Blackfriars – Sevenoaks (Delayed)
> 1Z60 17:38 Sevenoaks – London Victoria (Delayed)

Also included in the scenario pack are the headboards used by 835+841 during the railtour, this does not include the coach labels however, for scenario creators wanting to use this in a scenario/pack, you are free to include it in all forms of products (Subware + Payware included) – you must however link this page as the requirement and not the download itself or otherwise resubmit the reskin to be as of your own. For those wanting to make further edits to the reskin, please get in touch with me and we’ll see what we can do!

~ AMaityard’s The Sutton & Mole Valley v2.3

~ Danny’s South London to Brighton Merge

~ Danny’s South London and Thameslink Merge

~ DTG’s London Victoria & Blackfriars – Dover & Ramsgate

~ JustTrains’ Common Library

~ Nobkins’ Free Wagon Pack (Stand-ins for IZA’s)

~ DTG’s Class 66 EWS V2.0 & Freightliner V2.0
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 66 Enhancement Pack

~ DTG’s Class 159
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
+ Chris Horsfield’s Class 158/159 SWT-SWR Destinations

~ Superalbs’ Class 166 Great Western Railway Reskin

~ DTG’s Class 170
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
+ Chris Horsfield’s Class 171 Destinations (SN)

~ Armstrong Powerhouse/Waggonz’ Class 313
+ JamesIvell’s Class 313 Southern LED Headlights Patch

~ DTG’s Chatham Mainline
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
+ Danny’s Class 375 Nameplate Pack

~ DTG’s Class 378
+ Chris Horsfield’s Class 378 Destinations Update
+ Danny’s Class 376 Southeastern Reskin

~ DTG’s Portsmouth Direct Line
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
+ AzeezSim’s Class 444/450 SWR Reskin Pack

~ DTG’s Class 455/8 & Thomson’s Class 455
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 455 Enhancement Pack Vol. 2

~ DTG’s Class 465 & East Coast Main Line South
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 465 Enhancement Pack Vol. 2

~ DTG’s Class 700
+ Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack

Credits –
A massive thank you to the following for making this pack happen;
> Clowes – Obtaining sources for the AI
> James Ivell – Headboards (and putting up with the finer details 😂)
> Duggy68 & Josh Archer – Testing & Feedback