[CB] A Pacer’s Farewell

[CB] A Pacer’s Farewell

12th August 2019 4 By CrankyBot


Today is 142005’s final ever service, you are to operate the short journey from Manchester Victoria to Stalybridge calling at Ashton-Under-Lyne along the way.

Difficulty & Duration:
15 Minutes | Easy

– PenninePacer’s Manchester Victoria – Mossley Route [AlanThomsonSim]
– AP/W’s Class 142 [ArmstrongPowerhouse]
– RSC’s Class 159 [STEAM] + AP’s Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack [ArmstrongPowerhouse]
– RSC’s Great Eastern Mainline [STEAM] + JF’s Class 185 (V1.2) [FullerSim]