[BW] Ballast Empties

[BW] Ballast Empties

23rd June 2019 Off By Ben Wright

Description: With the line from Hunts Cross to Deansgate being closed, Northern have put in a shuttle service from Lime Street to Hunts Cross (Scenario: Hunts Cross Shuttle). Unfortunately, the work has been delayed so the line remains closed for some more time. Meanwhile it’s your job to take this rake of empty ballast wagons to Edge Hill sidings for storage until needed.


• DTG Liverpool – Manchester
• European Loco and Asset Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse (And all associated requirements)
• Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• JNA Wagon Pack
• Class 150/2 Pack
• Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
• Class 142 Pack
• Class 319 Vol. 1
• Class 350 Enhancement Pack
• Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack*

Alan Thomson Sim

https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=class-66-gbrf-2018 (Class 66 GBRF 2018)

If a requirements is listed with an Asterisk (*) beside it, it is not essential but is recommended for the intended immersion.

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