BR Blue Class 483 *UPDATED*

BR Blue Class 483 *UPDATED*

12th January 2021 4 By Class43Harrison

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BR Class 483
RSDL Island Line (Available from Steam) – (
Backdated TrainSim Class 483 Sound Patch (IOW 483 Patch) – (
The sound patch is listed under -London Transport 1938 Stock Enhancement Pack on Backdated Transim’s website.
1. Extract the ‘Assets’ folder from within the download.
2. Go to – (Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/RailWorks/Assets/RSDL/IslandLine/RailVehicles/Electric/Class483/Default)
3. Copy and Paste the ‘Default’ Folder.
4. Rename the ‘Default – Copy’ folder – ‘BR’
5. Copy the ‘Assets’ folder from the download.
6. Now paste the ‘Assets’ folder to (Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/RailWorks/)

7. Now load Train Simulator 2021 and go to – Settings/Tools/Clear Cache.
8. Now click ‘Clear Cache’. The game should restart.
9. Load a Quick-Drive Scenario to check that the reskin has installed successfully.
The Class 483 EMU and Island Line (Isle of White Route Addon) is ownership of RSDL / Dovetail Games (DTG)
This Reskin was made by Class43Harrion.

This reskin should NOT be re-distributed or used in any payware products.
If you wish for this to be in a custom freeware scenario or route of yours, please consult me first.
My Website:
Instagram: @class43harrison
YouTube channel: Class43Harrison
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
This reskin and ReadMe was made and written on Thursday 24th December 2020
13:11pm – 13:12pmGMT.
Updated on Tuesday 12th 2021 – 10:34am