(BR 80s) 1O86 10:50 Penzance to Brighton – 28th September 1985 – 31439/33054/33118

(BR 80s) 1O86 10:50 Penzance to Brighton – 28th September 1985 – 31439/33054/33118

19th June 2019 Off By Bogart259

The date is the 28th of September, 1985, and the last day of the summer timetable.

Today you are in charge of the 1O86 10:50 Penzance to Brighton Service, with an unusual triple header at the helm – in the shape of 31439, 33054 and 33118.

You are due to leave at 10:50, stopping at St Erth, Hayle, Camborne, Redruth, Truro, St Austell, Par, Bodmin Parkway, Liskeard, Plymouth (stopping for 6 minutes), Newton Abbott, and Exeter St Davids, arriving at 14:06.

Timings are tight on this one, so no hanging around to admire the scenery.

Please note that this scenario is based on an actual working that took place on that day in September 1985. I’m not sure if the triple header started from Penzance or Plymouth, or even Exeter – but I’ve assumed it was from Penzance.

All other AI trains are based on workings featured in the All Lines Timeable from 1985, apart from the odd one or two added for good measure.

To run this scenario, you will need the following content:

DTG BR Class 31 Loco Add-On
DTG BR Class 33 Loco Add-On
DTG BR Class 50 Loco Add-On
DTG BR Class 45 ‘Peak’ Loco Add-On
DTG Train Simulator: North Somerset Railway Route Add-On
VP BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985)
VP BR Blue Class 45/46
VP Blue/Grey Class 117/118
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 47 Sound Pack (Pro)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 101/117/121 Sound Pack (Pro)
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2A-C Coach Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2D-F Coach Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 31 Enhancement Pack
NattyDredd Class 50 Reskin (generally found on UKtrainsim)
Just Trains Western Mainlines
Just Trains Western Mainlines South Devon Main Line Extension
Just Trains Western Mainlines Cornish Main Line Extension