1P41 16.45 Sheringham – London Liverpool Street (1998)

1P41 16.45 Sheringham – London Liverpool Street (1998)

19th June 2019 Off By Matt Carroll

A scenario for Traction Depot’s wonderful GEML Norwich – Liverpool Street, available on TS Workshop.

During the Summer timetable, seven days a week there is an evening through service from Sheringham to London operated by one of Anglia’s class 150s. The unit then stables in London and forms a morning departure which also runs through to Sheringham. On a showery but otherwise fine June evening, drive 150255 on one of the Saturday workings Up to London, having taken over at Norwich. Year : 1998.

Requirements :
Traction Depot’s Great Eastern Main Line Norwich to Liverpool Street route, available on TS Workshop
(and associated requirements).

Armstrong Powerhouse :
Class 150/2 pack
Class 315 pack
Class 321 pack
Mark 2d-2f coach pack
Mark 2 DBSO pack
GEML Class 90 pack (Steam)
Class 90 + DVT pack
Class 90 Freightliner pack (static consist only)
Class 56 enhancement pack (and associated requirements – static consist only)
Additional stock from AP40 GEML scenario pack
Newbuoy TPO pack (additional rolling stock from several scenario packs – AP14 / AP15 etc)

Just Trains :
Class 153 pack
Seacow pack (static consist only)

RSC (Steam) :
Class 86 pack
Class 121 NSE pack (static consist only)
Class 423 4-VEP pack (static consist only)

keithmross (Steam) :
WCML North route (for Mark 3A buffet)

Fastline Simulation :
ZCA Sea Urchin (static consist only)
YQA Parr wagon pack (static consist only)
YLA Mullet wagon pack (static consist only)

Steam Sounds Supreme :
Departmental Hopper pack by Phil Baines (static consist only)
Departmental Wagon pack by Phil Baines (static consist only)

I hope you enjoy this scenario.