(BL) 2T92 17:46 Leeds to York

(BL) 2T92 17:46 Leeds to York

26th March 2021 1 By LangtonPhotography

158815 has been picked for todays unit for the lengthy and unique diagram that brings the unit from Carlisle to Leeds, and then York on the service you are to drive, before then going emtpy stock to Newcastle and Heaton Depot. You are to drive the service between Leeds and York on a pleasant autumnal evening calling only at Cross gates, Garforth and Ulleskelf.

The basic requirements that are needed for the scenario to perform correctly are:
Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 158 Perkins
Alanthomsonsim – Fuller Simulations class 185 (and associated requirements) / Northern Class 158 varients

Active * and Static AI Requirements
JT Super Voyager *
MJW Arriva northern class 170 (and associated requirements) *
MJW Arriva northern class 155 (and associated requirements) *
ATS Intercity 225 VTEC/LNER pack and experimental build pack (and associated requirements)
ATS Northern (UB) Class 322 (and associated requirements)
ATS Bodge it TMD Freightliner class 66 pack (and associated requirements) *
ATS LNER Azuma (and associated requirements)
Armstrong Powerhouse JNA-C wagon pack *
Armstrong Powerhouse class 150/2

As this is my first scenario its not perfect so its worth noting:
-Despite the scenario being based on a 2020/2021 realtime trains timetables, class 158s replace CAF units.
-The unit you are driving i have created the consist with 2 different 158 varients from the ATS northern class 158s varients pack to create the correct look for 158815 specifically (Visible gangway door window only visible on one end) which means the doors only open on the leading car, and the train feels abit heavier.

Finally, enjoy!