Birmingham Cross City Signaling Mod : Approach Control

Birmingham Cross City Signaling Mod : Approach Control

1st April 2021 4 By stevegreen

Adds approach control signals to relevant locations on DTG’s Cross City Route as per reality. UPDATED 04/10/2021 to work properly with the DTG update.

DTG Birmingham Cross City Line route addon (v2 released Oct 2021 with TS2022)
Any recent Just Trains route which uses their CommonLibrary.

Alters the following signals:
SY12 – Approach Barnt Green (Redditch Platforms) from Longbridge – Held at red until sighted.
SY26 – Longbridge Platform 2 towards Cofton – Held at red for DS – DF movements, and subsidiary signal in use for reversing siding rather than no.4 junction indicator.
SY25 – Approach Longbridge 30mph crossover from UF – US – Held at red
AN125 – for route to U & B – held at red
AN137 – Blake St – for route to P1 – held at red
SB4623 Aston – for route to Gravelly Hill – won’t show green until passing previous signal.

Note: This replaces the X-City Tracks.bin so will cause career scenarios to come up with tracks.bin error. Hit F2 then cancel to continue as normal. This was meant by DTG to stop you changing track speed limits to cheat
career scoring.