Birmingham 2017 Scenario Pack

Birmingham 2017 Scenario Pack

23rd June 2022 2 By Dave Simulation

This scenario pack is based in 2017, when London Midland, Virgin and Arriva Wales were still operating. It is also based on May 2017 WTT. I have tried to make it as accurate as possible. There are 6 scenarions included in this scenario pack:

1G35 Aberystwyth – Birmingham International (Starts at New St)
2C01 Birmingham New Street – Coventry (Sunday)
2C29 Birmingham New Street – Coventry
2I25 Birmingham New Street – Birmingham International
2I22 Birmingham International – Birmingham New Street
2Y19 Northampton – Birmingham New Street (Starts at Rugby)

The requirements are:
DTG Cross City Line
DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (Waterloo – Portsmouth)
DTG Class 159
Thomson Class 170*
AP Class 350 EP
AP Class 158 EP (Perkins) EP
AP Class 170 EP*
AP Class 390 SP
AP Weather EP
Just Trains Voyager
ATS Class 350 Interior Patch
ATS Class 350 Destination Patch
ATS Class 323 Patch
MJW Class 390 Revamp Pack

*Static Only

For more information please read the README file.
Timetables based on May 2017 Network Rail WTT.