9T59 Bedford to Brighton AP Class 377

9T59 Bedford to Brighton AP Class 377

12th February 2021 20 By Pdarsh34

Drive a Thameslink class 377 Electrostar on a service to Brighton. The evening peak is drawing to a close and Londoners are relying on you to take them home on this cool summer’s day. No delays are expected. Part 1 will take you as far as London Bridge; Part 2 will be the final leg to Brighton. Have a safe trip!

**********************************************PLEASE NOTE*******************************************
Part 1 uses Danny’s South London Thameslink route, which can be found on the Steam Workshop.

Part 2 uses The South London to Brighton route also found on the Steam Workshop.

This is because there are 110 AI trains and Train Sim can’t handle all of them at once

**********************************************Thank You**********************************************

– Steam
Midland Mainline St Pancras to Bedford
Brighton Mainline London to Brighton
South London Network
Chatham Mainline/Medway Valley Lines

Southern class 455/8 Add-on
Class 170/1 Turbostar Add-on
Class 378 Add-on

– Steam Workshop:
South London Thameslink
South London – Brighton

– Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 319 Volume 1 enhancement pack
Class 377/375 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (VP185)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack

– Third Party reskins:
Superalbs 387 GTR Gatwick Express
Superalbs 387 Thameslink/Great Northern
Superalbs 377/6/7 GTR Southern

– AlanThomsonSim:
Desiro City Pack Class 700/707/717