[86] 1Z87 London Euston – Lancaster

[86] 1Z87 London Euston – Lancaster

19th September 2022 0 By The GWRailfan

Hi, and thanks for downloading! This is my 10th scenario uploaded to ATS.

It is Saturday 17th September 2022. 9 days ago, HM Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away after an incredible 70 years on the throne. Her coffin is currently lying in state at Westminster Hall for people to view, and her funeral is in 2 days’ time. Due to this naturally meaning there is an extremely high number of people travelling to & from London, Avanti West Coast have asked West Coast Railways and Locomotive Services Ltd to operate some additional capacity trains between London & the North for them. LSL are using a Class 90 with an InterCity Mk3 coach set and DVT, while WCR are using two Class 86s (86259 and 86401) with BR Blue/Grey Mk2 coaches. Today, you will be driving one of the WCR services (1Z87 London Euston – Lancaster) between Rugby and Stafford via Nuneaton, with 86259 at the helm.

Thomson WCML Trent Valley Route
AP Class 86 EP (+ dependencies)
AP Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack
AP Class 350 EP (+ dependencies)
AP Class 390 SP (+ dependencies)
AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
DTG Birmingham Cross City Route
JT Voyager Advanced 2019

ATS Class 90 DB Cargo
ATS Class 90 Malcolm Rail
ATS Riviera Trains Mk2 Pack
MJW Class 390 Revamp Pack
SS Meridian / Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul
VB West Midlands Railway Class 323 Reskin
VP Class 86259

Links to all of these are provided in the 1Z87Readme.txt provided in the download.

Track covered: Rugby – Stafford via Nuneaton (51 miles)
Stops: Rugby, Nuneaton, Tamworth, Lichfield Trent Valley, Stafford
Scenario Length: 80 mins approx
Player Train: Class 86
Headcode: 1Z87
AI Trains: Class 90, Class 221, Class 323, Class 350, Class 390
Date: 17th September 2022

I hope you enjoy the scenario!
The GWRailfan 🙂