6U77 Mountsorrel to Crewe part 1(Edited)

6U77 Mountsorrel to Crewe part 1(Edited)

25th February 2019 2 By MatthewLeeHancox


Thomson Trent Valley
RSC Great Eastern Mainline
DTG North Wales Coastal
DTG Class 68 AP Class 68EP
RSC Class 66v2 EWS and Freightliner + AP 66EP + Extra Stock pack
UKTS 30549 66743
DBS 66185 https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html
Class 66 debranded link as above
GBRF 66709 link as above
GBRF Royal scotsman 66743 link as above
Class 70 pack off Steam + Oovee MJAs
Netowrk Rail IOAs https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72wagons.html
Virgin Pendolino (Old one) with Horgys Virgin reskin.

It’s 60 minutes long of which only 25 minutes of it is actually driving. AsyncKeys will speed things up abit.
Also, on a good note if you put the reverser into Neutral and activate the DRA and just leave it running the
engine automatically shuts down after about 20 – 25 minutes.

Packed using RW_Tools, use the RW-Tools installer.