5Q36 10:36 Crewe C.S – Allerton T.M.D

5Q36 10:36 Crewe C.S – Allerton T.M.D

26th February 2022 1 By mattyjamesss87

This is one scenario for the WCML ‘Missing Link’ which covers the track between Crewe & Liverpool.
After a three-week C4 overhaul at Crewe, Northern 319370 is ready to head back up to base at Allerton to enter revenue earning service. You are tasked with driving this from Crewe through to Allerton depot, this will involve a reversing procedure at Liverpool South Parkway. Have fun!

Using 7zip, extract the folder to a suitable location. Place the folder named ‘Content’ into your rail works folder and you’re ready to go!

Scenario requirements:
WCML Trent Valley
WCML South
London – Portsmouth

Class 319 Volume 1
Class 156
Class 350 EP
Class 68 EP
Class 390 SP
Freightliner Class 90

WCML ‘Missing Link’ Phase 1

Class 390 Revamp

Enjoy the run and any feedback is appreciated!