[43] 1A65 (Hartlepool to York, ~2019)

[43] 1A65 (Hartlepool to York, ~2019)

17th July 2019 2 By Dark-Centurion678

Semi-fictional. Drive Grand Central’s 43484 “Peter Fox” and 43423 “Valenta” from Hartlepool to York in this engaging scenario set in a world where Grand Central still operate High Speed Trains. Note: Timetable is realistic to February 2019.


DPSimulations North East England

Enhancement Packs:

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 MTU
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 55
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 67
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 68
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158/159 Cummins
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 220/221/222
Jake Fuller Class 185 Sound Patch
Vulcan Productions Class 55 Preserved Deltic Pack

Rolling Stock:

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2
Armstrong Powerhouse HHA Wagon Pack
Dovetail Games BR 6MT Clan Class
Dovetail Games Class 66 Freightliner
Dovetail Games Class 67 EWS
Dovetail Games Class 68
Dovetail Games Class 91
Dovetail Games Class 150/1
Dovetail Games Class 159
Dovetail Games European Loco & Asset Pack
Fastline Simulation YLA Mullet Wagon Pack
Fastline Simulation YQA Parr Wagon Pack
Finchy Class 185
Just Trains Class 20
Just Trains Class 220/221 Voyager (2019 update)
JT RES BG (Faded)
RSC Class 37 BR Green


Ash992478 Class 150/1 ex-FGW Northern
Ash992478/James Ivell/Lewis Clowes Class 43 Virgin Trains
East Coast & London North Eastern Railway Pack
BHReskins/CHScenarios/Ash992478/James Ivell/Lewis Clowes
Class 91 Virgin Trains East Coast & London North Eastern Railway Pack
James Ivell HST Improvement Patch
Major Wales Design Class 43 Grand Central Nameplates
Major Wales Design Class 142 Revamp Pack

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