[313] 2G11 (Moorgate to Bowes Park, 2019)

[313] 2G11 (Moorgate to Bowes Park, 2019)

31st August 2019 0 By Dark-Centurion678

(For best experience, read included PDF manual)

My birthday gift to you all (30/08) – It’s Monday and the Rush Hour is beginning – Drive 313055 and 313059 on 2G11 from Moorgate to Bowes Park. NOTE: The beginning of this scenario is very challenging. Quick starts and smart braking are the order of the day to keep to time.


Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines
Backdated Train Sim/Güterbahnhof Moorgate Extension V5
Dovetail Games ECML London to Peterborough
Dovetail Games London to Brighton
Dovetail Games South London Lines
Just Trains Chiltern Main Line London – Birmingham
Enhancement Packs:
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365

Rolling Stock:

Armstrong Powerhouse/Waggonz Class 313
Armstrong Powerhouse JHA Wagon
Dovetail Games BR Blue Pack 02
Dovetail Games Class 66 Freightliner
Dovetail Games Class 91/1
Dovetail Games Class 180
SuperAlbs Class 700/707/717


Ash992478/BHR/CHS/James Ivell/Lewlad Class 91 LNER/VTEC
CHScenarios Class 180 Update Complete
Güterbahnhof Class 313 Great Northern Weathered
SuperAlbs Class 387 Great Northern/Thameslink

(Links are provided to requirements within the PDF readme included)

If anything has been missed out of the requirements, please get in touch with me on Facebook or comments on https://alanthomsonsim.com/ so that the manual can be fixed.

Also, the first person to complete the run successfully yet get an incomplete message wins. Hopefully this bug is squashed in this version but if you come across it, let me know and i’ll squash it once and for all.

And finally, if anyone ever wanted to donate a penny or two if you so wished, that can be done here: https://www.paypal.me/DarkCenturion?locale.x=en_GB ta