[2W14 & 2W15] West Croydon – Wimbledon – West Croydon | Class 456

[2W14 & 2W15] West Croydon – Wimbledon – West Croydon | Class 456

21st June 2020 0 By Josh_A99

In this scenario, you’ll be taking Class 456 021 and operating train 2W14 the 12:36 service from West Croydon to Wimbledon. You’ll then operate return service 2W15. It’s mid afternoon, so traffic is light and as such there’s no incidents to report on the network. Your scheduled a 6 minute wait to depart at West Croydon to allow passengers from Victoria and Epsom, as well as Silverlink services to connect. Your also scheduled a 10 minute wait at Wimbledon.

This line closed down in 1997 and as such has taken a bit of creativity to make a scenario. Because only the branch has closed, I have used modern day patterns and headcodes, but used stock more appropriate to 1996. I have also had to make up the headcodes for the player train, so please excuse if they are not 100% accurate, but I didn’t want to have the AI using headcodes, but not the player train.

Year set: 1996
Weather: Summer + Clear
Operators: South West Trains, Connex South Central

Duration: 50 mins
Difficaulty: Easy

Class 456 pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
West Croydon to Wimbledon Line – Backdated Train Sim + all associated requirements for the route
Portsmouth Direct Line (London to Waterloo) – Steam/DTG
Class 313 pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 442 pack – Steam
Class 442 NSE Repaint – DP Simulation
Class 159 NSE pack – Steam
Class 158/159 Cummins EP – Armstrong Powerhouse

PLEASE NOTE: This is the first scenario I have made and released and I am still learning how the editor works. A lot of effort has gone into detail and all units are displaying correct fleet numbers and correct destinations. There is plenty of AI to spot on the wait at Wimbledon, but use the ASYNC keys if you want to skip ahead. If you have any suggestions or bugs to report please contact me and please feel free to leave a review.