2V51 17:54 Upminster to Romford

2V51 17:54 Upminster to Romford

19th July 2019 0 By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

This evening you will be in charge of a Class 317/7 on an Upminster to Romford service, which is operated by London Overground. This is a very unusual part of the LO network, as it is completely separated from the rest of the network. As far as I know, the nearest station to Romford that is also served by London Overground trains is Bethnal Green. Please don’t quote me on that, as I’m not entirely certain.

I chose to set this scenario in the evening peak period because that is a particularly busy time of day for London’s railways, and I felt it would be nice to make the scenario feel more alive.

Duration – 12 minutes
Difficulty Level – Very Easy

The required content for this scenario is as follows:

GEML Class 90
Southern Class 455/8
South London Network

Crouch Valley 3 route (file id 32204)

(Superalbs reskins)
Class 317/7 and 317/8 London Overground
Class 387/3 c2c

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 314/315 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Wherry Lines route (extra stock pack only)

(Virtual District Team)
Virtual District Line route (as I’ve used the D78 stock as Ai traffic at Upminster)

And with that being said, I would like to thank you for downloading and I hope you enjoy this fun little scenario 🙂