2R66 1756 Salisbury to Romsey

2R66 1756 Salisbury to Romsey

10th February 2024 1 By Malco

A 70 minute scenario for the Just Trains Wessex Mainline route.

On a grey winters evening take charge of 158881 working 2R66 the 1756 Southwestern Railway service from Salisbury through to Romsey via Southampton Central.

Just trains Wessex Mainline
Class 444/450 EP – Armstrong Powerhouse
Semaphore Simulations SWR 444/450 reskin pack
Semaphore Simulations SWR 158/159 reskin pack
Class 158 Cummins EP – Armstrong Powerhouse
Voyager Advanced – Just Trains

Optional Requirements:
Weather EP – Armstrong Powerhouse
Cloud EP – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 220/221 Sound Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse