2O90 16:55 Liverpool Lime St-Manchester Oxford Road

2O90 16:55 Liverpool Lime St-Manchester Oxford Road

18th February 2021 0 By harrym16

This is a scenario for the DTG Liverpool-Manchester via WAC route.

It is almost rush hour in Liverpool and you are tasked with taking 156 420 and 150 137 to Manchester Oxford Road calling at all stops to WAC then Birchwood, Irlam, Urmston, Deansgate and Manchester Oxford Road.

You will be held outside Deansgate station as well due to a couple of late running trains.

The scenario should last around 85 minutes.

The requirements for this scenario are as follows:

AP Class 56
AP Class 66
AP Class 68
AP Class 86
AP Class 150/1
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 156
AP Class 158 Cummins
AP Class 319 Volume 1
AP Class 350
AP Weather EP
ATS TPE Nova 3 reskin
ATS Class 319 TrainFX destination pack
DTG Liverpool-Manchester via WAC
DTG Class 68
DTG Class 150/1
DTG Class 180
DTG Portsmouth Direct Line
JT Common Library
MJW Class 150 Ex-ATW reskin
MJW Class 150 Ex-ATW Poppy reskin
MJW Class 156 EMR reskin
RSC Class 56
RSC Class 66 Pack 02/03/05
RSC Class 159


The drax train has NOT been put in because i haven’t got the requirements for it.
Edge Hill depot has been left empty due to my 390 not loading in, and not having the TPE 802 reskin.