2O11 0750 Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove | KH008

2O11 0750 Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove | KH008

24th March 2021 2 By Kieran Hendy

This scenario is a partially fictional journey from Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove via Birmingham
New Street. In this scenario you drive a Class 350 Electric Multiple Unit.

The reason this scenario uses the 350 is because I find the 323’s sounds and physics unbearable. I will considering making a 323 version of this scenario for any masochists that enjoy the 323 🙂

A readme file is included inside the download with some important information about this scenario along with a requirements list – the requirements list in the readme contains hyperlinks for your convenience.
The readme also includes timetable information.

> Requirements
I’ve tried to keep the requirements relatively short for this scenario. For non-essential requirements you
can press F2 when loaded to avoid the missing consist warning.

> Essential
Dovetail Games Birmingham Cross City Line: Lichfield – Bromsgrove & Redditch Route Add-On
Dovetail Games Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth Route Add-On
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 Enhancement Pack

> Non-Essential
Thompson Edinburgh-Glasgow DLC (Including the Class 170)
Just Trains Voyager Advanced
Just Trains Class 153 DMU Advanced
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 220/221/222 Sound Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/153/156 Sound Pack (Off-Sale)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

> Suggested
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack
AP Track Enhancement Textures Pack (v1.1)