2L93 0558 West Hampstead Thameslink to Orpington

2L93 0558 West Hampstead Thameslink to Orpington

10th June 2024 4 By Adam Haigh

This morning, you’ll be finishing off a southbound Thameslink service from City Thameslink to Orpington via Catford. Your traction is a new Class 700/0 unit. Year: 2016.


50-minute scenario for the Chatham Mainline: London to Dover route on Steam.



Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):

Networker Destinations v4.


Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):

Signal EP;

Weather EP V2;

Class 66 EP;

Class 319 Vol 1;

Class 375/377 EP;

Class 377/379/387 EP;

Class 700/707/717 EP;

HKA/JMA wagons.



Chatham Mainline: London to Dover.


This scenario is intended to be used with the new Class 700 Announcements plugin available on ATS, but it’s not essential.