2K28- 2027- Kirkcaldy- Edinburgh Waverley (2017)

2K28- 2027- Kirkcaldy- Edinburgh Waverley (2017)

10th January 2020 1 By CWilson4747


Due to a shortage of DMUs around the time of 2017 a Class 156 was pulled in off of a Shotts diagram and placed on a return service from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy and back. Today your task is to take the Class 156 on its return service back to Edinburgh, you will start the service at Kirkcaldy sidings and move into Kirkcaldy Platform 1 on the headcode 5K28 before opening the doors and preparing the service 2K28 back down to Waverley calling at all the stations on the way. As you have a 156 you are limited to 75MPH. As it is heading into the late evening traffic is slowing though there are still plenty of services heading northbound out of Edinburgh.

With the sun setting over the Forth it is looking like a lovely summer’s evening and with no problems on the line it should be a nice run.

Scenario Length: 40 Minutes


ROUTE- Just Trains Scottish East Coast Mainline

Class 156 EP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 170 EP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 158 EP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 43 MTU Pack- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Abellio Scotrail Class 170 Pack- (Vulcan Productions)
LNER/VTEC HST Pack- (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 320/321 EP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Pack- (Armstrong Powerhouse)

*Stationery stock so not required for the scenario

Hope you enjoy!