2J47 12:05 Gospel Oak to Barking

2J47 12:05 Gospel Oak to Barking

2nd August 2020 7 By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

*This is not a scenario for the default GOBLIN, but rather the electrified version which is avaliable on Steam Workshop*.

In 2018, the electrification of the Gospel Oak to Barking line was completed. However, it wasn’t until mid-2019 when electric trains finally started running on the line. The eight Class 172’s that used to run on the line have now been transferred to West Midlands Railway. New electric units – the Class 710 – were built by Bombardier Transportation for service on the GOBLIN, and just the Overground in general. These units took much longer to enter service than expected, and some 378’s were sent to the GOBLIN as a stop-gap measure.

Today (in this scenario, that is) you’ll be driving a Class 378 in the weird pseudo-Aventra livery on the first afternoon service from Gospel Oak to Barking. You will call at the following stations on the way:

Upper Holloway
Crouch Hill
Harringay Green Lanes
South Tottenham
Blackhorse Road
Walthamstow Queens Road
Leyton Midland Road
Leytonstone High Road
Wanstead Park
Woodgrange Park

Duration – 44 minutes
Difficulty Level – Medium

In real life, the 378’s that were sent to the GOBLIN line were reduced from 5-car to 4-car formations. This was due to the shorter platforms on the line, and I have acknowledged this change in the scenario.

The required DLC and 3rd party items for this scenario are listed below:

EWS Class 66 v2.0
London Overground Class 378 Capitalstar
North London & Goblin Lines
South London Network

(Alan Thomson Sim)
London Overground Class 378 Aventra Livery

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 66 Enhancement Pack

(Just Trains)
Class 60 Advanced & Freight Wagons
Western Mainlines (for the Ai-only S7 stock)

(Steam Workshop)
*North London & Goblin Lines 2017-18 (electrified)*

Class 387/3 c2c