2J38 07:42 Liverpool Lime Street-Manchester Victoria

2J38 07:42 Liverpool Lime Street-Manchester Victoria

5th August 2021 0 By Cactus732

In 2015 electrification was completed on the Chat Moss Route, but with a shortage of electric stock, Northern Rail services between Liverpool and Manchester still saw a steady diet of diesel Sprinters and Pacers. On a damp autumn morning you will be in charge of 156472 on the 07:42 stopping service between Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Victoria.

Scenario Route: ATS Chat Moss
Scenario Length: 1hr. 5min.


AP/Waggonz Class 142 + Majorwales Class 142 revamp pack
AP Class 150/1 EP
AP Class 150/2
AP/Masterkey Class 156
AP Class 158 Perkins EP
AP Class 175EP 2.0
AP Class 319 Volume 1
AP Class 350EP
DTG WCMLS + BHreskins (ATS) Virgin Trains Class 390 Farewell Pack*
Fuller Simulations (ATS) Class 185 Pack version 2.2.1
Nymr (ATS) Drax Biomass Wagons*

*=static AI not required for full functionality