2I80 16:01 Streatham Hill – London Bridge (2012)

2I80 16:01 Streatham Hill – London Bridge (2012)

23rd April 2022 0 By oliver_nicholls

Take a pair of class 455s out of the sidings and into London Bridge at the start of an evening peak diagram in March 2012. Traffic into London is building up this time of day, so there is plenty to look at around London Bridge.



– South London Network
– Class 455/8 Southern EMU
– Class 378*

Armstrong Powerhouse

– Class 455 Enhancement Pack Vol 2
– Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack^*
– Class 319 EMU Vol 1
– Class 456 EMU*
– Class 465 Enhancement Pack Vol 2*

*- denotes non-essential

^- denotes that this piece of DLC has its own requirements. It is essential that you have these requirements for the AI to show correctly in the scenario.

To install, copy the ‘Content’ folder into your main Railworks folder.

Any feedback is really appreciated 😊 Enjoy!