2G08- 0728- Gourock- Glasgow Central

2G08- 0728- Gourock- Glasgow Central

28th November 2019 0 By CWilson4747

With the withdrawl of the Class 314 stalwarts fast approaching in December 2019 a staple of Glasgow Central will be about to depart the Scottish tracks. For its regular communters it will mean no more automatic doors opening in the middle of winter, an end to no heating, toilets or wifi, but for enthusiasts it will mean an end to the traditional sound in Central of a 314s squeeky brakes as they approach the buffers and the sound of the traction motors pulling away from the station heading off to one of Glasgow’s many suburbs.

The withdrawl of the Class 314 in Inverclyde has been in full flow for a wee while with the Class 314s diagrams being replaced by 318s, 320s, and 385s, as well as diagrams served by the 314s former Inverclyde partner the 380s. With the 314s now only operating 3 Inverclyde services per day all in at the start of the morning peak.

Today you will drive the final leg of the last 314 Inverclyde diagram of the day, the 0728 service from Gourock to Glasgow Central. You will pick the service up at Paisley St James and travel to Glasgow Central, calling at Paisley Gilmour Street, Hillington West, Hillington East, Cardonald and Glasgow Central.

Please be aware you will be held outside Glasgow Central for a couple of minutes to allow AI traffic to move.

Scenario Length: 25 Minutes

Alan’s video of this scenario can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIqBuf_Cd_0


GARL- Glasgow Airport Rail Link (DTG)

Class 314/315 AP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 320/321 AP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 320 LED Patch (Major Wales Design)
Abellio Scotrail Class 380 (Vulcan Productions)
Class 56 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse) (Requires DTG Class 56)
Class 156 AP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 390 (DTG) with Virgin Reskin (DP Simulations)*