2F14 – Witham – Braintree – Journey Through Time

2F14 – Witham – Braintree – Journey Through Time

2nd June 2020 0 By Gareth Davies

Hello all, welcome back to this brand new Journey through time scenario. For those new to the style. At each station a message will appear with information about the local area!. In this scenario, you are driving Witham to Braintree on a Winters day.

I’ve also included a complimentary information booklet about the Braintree branch line. It gives you information about the line and stations + some very cool images taken by me and others.

There is plenty to look at as you wait at Witham to depart and the signal to clear.
In real life Sunday’s are normally pretty quiet on the GEML with
freight movements and more recent stock moves and old stock moves
to various places. In the scenario, you will witness a brand new FLIRT
going towards Ilford EMD, a DVT being moved by a 68 to Crewe and a
Freight service hauled by two class 66’s.

Class 66 EP with BODGE IT Pack from ATS. JHA Wagon pack
South Wales Coastal ( Freight )
Class 321 Armstrong Powerhouse – New Reskin from superalbs
Class 68 EP
Class 360 Superalbs
Chris Trains SNG FLIRT
Class 90
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Pack

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