2E12 To Exeter St Davids

2E12 To Exeter St Davids

13th July 2019 0 By Michael Shields

Good morning driver this is your first time of your job with old Harry at the helm. This morning your of to Exeter calling at all stops to Plymouth then semi fast between Plymouth and Exeter. Its a beautiful morning in cornwall so enjoy the run and enjoy the HST short set enjoy. If having issues please use THE ATS INSTALLER IT WORKS THAT Way thanks


Cornish mainline Just Trains
Riveria line for the 143


Class 43 MTU Pack Ap
Class 43 Harry Patch Vulcan Production
Class 43 Welshman ATS
Class 220/221 Just Trains
Class 800 GWR Superalbs
Class 150/2
Class 158 Cummins Ap
MK3 Sliding doors ATS
Mk3 GWR Sleeper coaches ATS