2C69 Cardiff Central to Penzance

2C69 Cardiff Central to Penzance

18th April 2019 0 By Cactus732

In another marathon scenario for the Western Mainlines and South Devon/Cornish Mainline Extensions, take a single 2-Car class 158 on a 5hr 40 minute stopping service from Cardiff to Penzance via Bristol Temple Meads and Weston Super Mare

Scenario Length: 5hrs 40 Minutes
Scenario Route: Western Mainlines + South Devon Mainline + Cornish Mainline


Western Mainlines (Just Trains)
South Devon Mainline Extension (Just Trains)
Cornish Mainline (Just Trains)
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement (AP) + Dependencies
Class 150/2 (AP)
Class 800 GWR (Superalbs) + Dependencies
Class 66 Enhancement (AP) + Dependencies
Class 170 Enhancement (AP) + Dependencies
Class 175 Enhancement (AP) + Dependencies
Class 166 GWR + FGW Plain Blue (Superalbs)
MTU HST Enhancement (AP) + Dependencies
Medway Valley Line (DTG)
DB Class 59 (DTG)
Freightliner Class 90 (AP)
South Wales Coastal (DTG)
Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
Off-Lease FGW HST (ATS)
43172 “Harry Patch” (VP)
43093 “Old Oak Common” (ATS)
43187/188 GWR “Welshman” (ATS)
Mk3 Sliding Door Pack (ATS)
GWR Sticker Express (ATS)
43027 “90 Glorious Years” (BH Reskins)
Class 153 Revamp Pack (Major Wales or ATS)
Class 142 Revamp Pack (Major Wales or ATS)
Class 142 Ex-Arriva Trains Wales (Major Wales)
Class 143 Ex-Arriva Trains Wales (Major Wales)
Class 150/2 Ex-Arriva Trains Wales (Major Wales)
Mk3a and DVT Ex-Arriva Trains Wales (Major Wales)
Riviera Line “Modern” (DTG)

Static AI and optional but recommended extras:

Sky/Weather Enhancement Pack (AP)
AP Track and Signal Lens for JT (ATS Patches)
Class 57 GWR (Superalbs) + Dependencies
GWR Night Riviera Pack (ATS)