2A41 10:04 London Euston to Milton Keynes Central

2A41 10:04 London Euston to Milton Keynes Central

14th August 2022 0 By Bill Dalton

This 70-minute scenario takes place on DTG’s West Coast Mainline South Route

Date set: Saturday 13th September 2003

Traction: 313046 (WAGN White) and 313059 (Ex NSE)

Track Covered: London Euston to Milton Keynes Central (Down Slow Line)

Installation: Extract this the zip folder to a suitable location and copy the “Content” folder to your Railworks directory.


In September 2003, Silverlink grounded their fleet of 321s for emergency brake system inspections, so some 313s were borrowed from West Anglia Great Northern to cover some of the shortfall. By the 13th September, a few pairs of 321s had been cleared for service, but several 313s were still required to operate a skeleton service, alongside pairs of 150/1s on Rugby-Northampton-Bletchley shuttles.
This scenario sees you taking 313046 and 059 out to Milton Keynes, blowing away some cobwebs in the process, with plenty of opportunities to get them up to maximum speed!

— Requirements —

Please ensure you have the most up to date versions of all add-ons.

* = optional/static stock only

(From Armstrong Powerhouse)

Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 1 and 2

Class 56 EP

Class 150/1 EP

Class 313 EMU Pack

Class 319 EMU Pack Vol.2

Class 321 EMU Pack

Class 325 EP

Class 43 (Valenta) EP

CLass 86 EP

CLass 87 Locomotive Pack

Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack

Mk1 Coach pack Vol. 1*

Mk2 d-f coach pack

Mk3 a-c coach pack

TDA-D Wagon Pack

JNA-C Wagon Pack*

FSA-FTA Wagon Pack

Sky and Weather EP*

(From ATS)

Class 313 Intalink Promotional Livery reskin

Virgin Trains West Coast Loco-Hauled Pack

Class 90 EWS (by Bodgeit TMD)

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