2014 Great Western Summer Scenario Pack

2014 Great Western Summer Scenario Pack

11th July 2020 0 By wirygiant

This is a pack of 16 scenarios focusing on passenger workings in the South West of England in the summer of 2014 for Western Mainlines with Extensions, Railways of Devon and Cornwall V10, South Western Expressways and South Western Expressways to Reading

Scenario List:
1A83 1000 Penzance – London Paddington (4 parts)
1E73 1635 Plymouth – Leeds (2 Parts)
1L20 1020 London Waterloo – Exeter St Davids
2A31 1518 St Erth – St Ives / 2A32 1533 St Ives – St Erth
2C51 1750 Exeter St Davids – Penzance (2 parts)
2F51 1513 Paignton – Exmouth
2L71 0714 Liskeard – Looe / 2L72 0746 Looe – Liskeard
1O76 0906 Bristol Temple Meads – Weymouth ‘The Weymouth Wizard’
1V47 0807 Manchester Piccadilly – Paignton (2 parts)
2G74 1054 Plymouth – Gunnislake

I have tried to make the included scenarios as accurate as possible which has unfortunately resulted in a long list of requirements. Requirements that are only necessary for one or two of the included scenarios are marked as such.

(* = Non-essential)

EWS Class 66
Freightliner Class 66
Freightliner Powerhaul Class 66
Class 70
Class 08 EWS & Freightliner*
Great Eastern Main Line (only for 1A83 Part 4)
Class 59
Class 180 (only for 1A83 Part 4)
Rail Tour Class 57* (only for 1E73 Part 2)
45XX Small Prairie* (only for 1V47 Part 2)
China Clay for Export*
WCML Over Shap*
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 (Only for 1V47 Part 1)
Class 56 Enhancement Pack*
Class 60 Sound Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/2 Pack
Class 158/159 Cummins Enhancement Pack
MTU HST Enhancement Pack
Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack (only for 1A83 Part 3&4)
HHA Hopper Pack
JHA Hopper Pack
JNA-C Wagon Pack
HIA Hopper Pack* (Only for 1A83 Part 4)
Mk1 Pack*
Class 153 Advanced
Class 20 Advanced Collection
Class 60 Advanced
S7+1 Advanced (only for 1A83 Part 4)
Voyager Advanced
JJA Autoballaster
ZZA Snowplough*
Major Wales Design:
Class 08 Revamp Pack*
Class 43 Revamp Pack
Class 143 Revamp Pack
FGW Class 150/0
Class 153 Revamp Pack
Class 153 FGW Blue
Class 360 Heathrow Connect & Heathrow Express (only for 1A83 Part 4)
Class 180 Revamp Pack (only for 1A83 Part 4)
Vulcan Productions:
Class 57/6 Pack
FGW Class 43’s 43172 and 43186
Alan Thomson Sim:
Night Riviera Mk3 Coach Pack
Bodge It TMD Freightliner Class 66 Pack
Class 220/221 JT – Updated Consists
Circle + Hammersmith & City AI S7 (only for 1A83 Part 4)
DP Simulation:
Rfletcher72 Class 43163 Plymouth Vinyls
Rfletcher72 JNA ‘Mendip Rail’
Rfletcher72 HQA ‘Post Railtrack’ Autoballaster
Rfletcher72 IOA Network Rail*
Rfletcher72 TDA ‘Murco Petroleum’ (only for 1A83 Part 3)
Rfletcher72 WCRC Class 57* (only for 1E73 Part 2)
Rfletcher72 Class 70 Colas Rail
UK Wagons #1 Freeware Pack*
Caledonian Railworks Class 153333 LM – FGW branding
Cynxs’ AP Class 37 Missing Headlight Patch (only for 1V47 Part 1)
Fastline Simulation YQA Parr Wagon Pack (only for 1V47 Part 1)
GoldenGoldsmithScenarios’ Dartmouth Steam Railway Shunters Pack* (only for 2F41 & 1V47 Part 2)
GoldenGoldsmithScenarios’ Dartmouth Steam Railway MK1 Carriages* (only for 2F41 & 1V47 Part 2)

This is my first time making scenarios for Train Simulator so any feedback is appreciated. If you run into any problems with the scenarios please tell me in the comments (I would recommend not saving and reloading any scenarios as that has caused problems for me in the past, particularly on Western Mainlines)