[2004] 1737 London Kings Cross to Peterborough

[2004] 1737 London Kings Cross to Peterborough

7th July 2019 3 By Tonboles365

On a weekday afternoon, you are taking charge of the 1737 service to Peterborough. Calling at:

Stevenage 1800

Hitchin 1805

St Neots 1823

Huntingdon 1830

Peterborough 1857

Driver route knowledge notes for this service:

– It follows out the 1733 GNER Service to Bradford Forster Square which calls at Stevenage.
– It is generally routed back onto the slow line at Sandy. The Junction speed is 40mph
– The slow line is taken from Huntingdon to Holme, where it is booked to wait until 1847
– This train terminates on Platform 5 at Peterborough and taken out of service, returning to Nene Sidings for stabling

*** Scenario Requirements ***

ECML London-Peterborough
AP Class 365 EP
AP Class 313
AP Class 91 EP
ATS Class 313 WAGN Undercoat reskin (https://gueterbahnhof.weebly.com/reskins.html) or (https://members.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=36555&fbclid=IwAR1o8PUSwGsHy_xR8SjFJyh3fuzB8hLVoMcwpILx5GxhoDxEpslflENyXYo)
AP Class 170 EP
DTG BR Class 170 ‘Turbostar’
DTG InterCity Class 91
AP Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 EP
Class 317/1 EMU WAGN Purple (https://members.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=33091)

Static Optionals:
AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
AP Class 321 Pack Vol. 2