1Z85 Brighton Pride Additional

1Z85 Brighton Pride Additional

3rd August 2020 18 By Sprinter158

It’s Brighton Pride day, and Thameslink are running an additional “Limited Stop” service from Bedford to help transport all the pride goers. Start by bringing the set off the depot, before working down to Brighton.

Track Covered: Bedford to Brighton
Traction: Thameslink Class 377
Duration: 150 Minutes
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Conditions: Summer, Clear

Note: Although this is a fictitious scenareo, most AI is realistic.

⦁ London to Brighton
⦁ London to Gillingham
⦁ South London Network
⦁ London to Bedford
⦁ Class 378 Capitalstar
⦁ Class 170
⦁ Class 465
⦁ European Loco & Asset Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse
⦁ Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
⦁ Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
⦁ Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
⦁ Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack

Just Trains
⦁ Class 222 Meridian

Steam Workshop
⦁ South London and Thameslink

⦁ Desiro City Pack – Class 700/707/717

⦁ Class 166 GWR
⦁ Class 166 FGW Plain Blue
⦁ Class 387 GTR Gatwick Express

Copy and paste the Content folder into your RailWorks root directory, usually located in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Railworks.