1Z70 BRI – KGW – 44871 ‘The Torbay Express’

1Z70 BRI – KGW – 44871 ‘The Torbay Express’

4th February 2020 1 By Ben Broomfield

Over a hour of steam action along the Riviera Line hauling ‘The Torbay Express’ charter from outside Tiverton Parkway, as far as Paignton, where another crew will take over.

Due to No. 9 being out for a boiler washout, we’ve managed to grab 44871 from Riley & Son’s for today’s Journey.


Essential –
(HST) The Railways of Devon & Cornwall V10
(BMG) LMS Stanier Black 5
(AP) Mk1 Carriage Pack

Recommend (for AI) –
(AP) Class 43 MTU EP
(AP) Class 66 EP
(AP) Class 150/2 Pack
(AP) Class 150/1 EP
(AP) Class 158/159 (Perkins) EP
(AP) JXA/POA Wagon Pack
(AP) JNA-C Wagon Pack

(JT) Voyager Advanced

(MJW) Class 143 Revamp Pack

(Superlabs) GWR Class 800

(ATS) Mk3 Sliding Door Pack
(ATS) GWR 43093 ‘Old Oak Common’ HST Reskin
(ATS) GWR ‘Welshman’ HST Reskin

Not Essential (but recommended) –
(AP) Track Enhancement Pack
(AP) Weather Enhancement Pack

(ATS) Class 220/221 Updated Consists

(DPS) RF72 HTA ‘EWS/DB Schenker’

IMPORTANT notes when playing:

Keep a eye on the locos boiler water level (through gauge glasses) during the run and make sure to put injectors on where needed. If you don’t, the scenario will fail as a result of the loco running out of water, even with Auto Fireman on/off.

Remember that your pathed for a MAX speed of 75mph during the run.

**Simple drag & drop into Contents folder to install**