1Z53 14.38 Bristol Temple Meads – Bridgnorth “Severn Valley Wanderer” (2007)

1Z53 14.38 Bristol Temple Meads – Bridgnorth “Severn Valley Wanderer” (2007)

25th March 2020 0 By Matt Carroll

Hi, and thank you for downloading this scenario.
To install, simply copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder to your Railworks folder. This is a ‘Standard’ scenario and is named “[MJC] 1Z53 1438 Bristol TM – Bridgnorth ‘Severn Valley Wanderer’ “. There is also an alternative version featuring the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175 Enhancement Pack, which is prefixed “(AP175)”, which portrays the A.I. traffic in the correct livery for the period.

As way to return 7802 “Bradley Manor” home to the Severn Valley Railway after a spell working on the West Somerset Railway, she hauled this mid-week excursion which started in Bridgnorth behind 57601. 7802 took over in Bristol and worked through to Kidderminster, where 37248 attached to the rear and hauled the train to Bridgnorth.
Having made our booked water stop at Magor it has been slow progress thus far. We are waiting for a Manchester-bound service to pass us. Hopefully we should then get a decent run to our next booked water stop at Hereford. There’s a fair amount of climbing to be done so best make sure you build up a decent fire. Note – at this time “Bradley Manor” was running with a 4000-gallon tender, not the 3500-gallon one attached in this scenario. Maximum speed is 60mph.

The following are required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly :

* From STEAM :
– Welsh Marches : Newport to Shrewsbury route add-on https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105541/Train_Simulator_Welsh_Marches_Newport__Shrewsbury_Route_AddOn/

* From Steam Sounds Supreme :
– GWR 7800 ‘Manor’ by Victory Works https://steamsoundssupreme.com/gwr-7800-manor-class.html

* Armstrong Powerhouse
– Mark 1 coach pack volume 1 https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/coach/mk1_coach_pack_vol_1

– Class 175 enhancement pack (and associated requirements) – note, only required for the alternative scenario featuring this pack. https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/enhancements/multiple_unit/class_175_enhancement_pack

Optional Requirements
The following are NOT required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly, however they will add to the immersion :

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Sky and Weather enhancement pack.

* From Alan Thomson Sim :
– AP Weather Patch (Welsh Marches) by Leander https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=ap-weather-patch-welsh-marshes

I do hope you enjoy this scenario.