1Z51 15.55 Kingswear – Bristol Temple Meads “The Torbay Express” (2003)

1Z51 15.55 Kingswear – Bristol Temple Meads “The Torbay Express” (2003)

8th March 2021 7 By Matt Carroll

* Updated 08/03/21 – Class 220/221 Updated Consists by Leander, from ATS, added to requirements.

Hi, and thank you for downloading this 50 minute scenario for the Riviera Line route by DTG.
To install, simply copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder to your Railworks folder. This is a ‘Standard’ scenario and is named “[MJC] 1Z51 1555 Kingswear – Bristol TM ‘The Torbay Express’”

On Saturday 10th August 2003, after hauling the outwards leg of the Torbay Express 7802 “Bradley Manor” was failed with a hot axle box. The nearest vacuum-fitted EWS loco was 37402 “Bont-y-Bermo”, around 170 miles away in Cardiff Canton. It was hastily rushed down to Devon and was able to haul the return train with a small delay. Drive the service between Paignton and Exeter.
Please go to the number 2 cab and change the brake timing switch to ‘Vacuum Passenger’, return to no.1 cab and set the direction switch to ‘Engine Only’, apply the loco brake and set the train brake to ‘First Application’ (40%) to build a vacuum. When you get the signal you will make calls at Paignton and Exeter St.David’s. Although the train is an hour late, by omitting the water stops en-route this will be made up.

The following are required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly :

* From Steam :
– Riviera Line route https://store.steampowered.com/app/222632/Train_Simulator_The_Riviera_Line_ExeterPaignton_Route_AddOn/

* From Vulcan Productions:
– Margam Class 37/4 37402 https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/diesel.html

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Class 37 pack volume 1
– Class 150/2 pack
– Class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– HST Valenta enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Mark 1 coach pack volume 1

* From Just Trains:
– Voyager Advanced (2019) https://www.justtrains.net/product/voyager-advanced-2019

* From Alan Thomson Sim:
– Class 220/221 (JT) Updated Consists by Leander https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/jt-class-220-221-no-driver-no-passengers-pack/

Optional Requirements
The following are NOT required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly, however they will add to the immersion:

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Sky and Weather enhancement pack.

I do hope you enjoy this scenario.