1Z42 08:30 London St Pancras-Rowsley South

1Z42 08:30 London St Pancras-Rowsley South

27th May 2021 5 By Robbo13

1Z42 08:30 London St Pancras-Rowsley South

Morning driver, today you are in charge of 1Z42 08:30 London St Pancras-Rowsley South/’The Peak Rail Pioneer’. You join the railtour just outside of Leicester and will be driving through to Matlock where you will hand over the controls.

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents into Railworks
3. Done

Route: Midland Mainline (Derby-Sheffield, Derby-Nottingham-Leicester, Derwent Valley Line)


Class 222 destination upgrade (Clowes)

Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk1
BR Mk2 A-C
BR Mk2 D-F
Class 31 EP*
Class 37 vol. 1 & 2
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 43 VP185 EP
Class 56 EP*
Class 66 EP
Class 67 EP*
Class 156
Class 158C EP
Class 170 EP
HHA wagons
JNA wagons*
JPA wagons
Mk3 DVT* (Comes with class 90)
Weather EP

BH Reskins
JT Class 60 pack

Class 31 Pack 02*
Class 33 Pack 01*
Class 56*
Class 57 FL*
Class 66 Pack 02
Class 67 Pack 01*
Class 73 (MKS version)*
Matrix trains MT P3 Set 4*
Memories of Maerdy J94(For Peak Rail service)

Network Rail DVT reskin*
Network Rail IOA reskin*

Just Trains
Class 60
Class 153

Class 43 Revamp Pack
Class 153 Revamp Pack

Chiltern Class 168111 NHS Livery & Class 168/170 Air dam & Tripcock
Western Region Class 57/6 Pack*
VP Class 73 Pack*

Those marked with * are not neccessary for the scenario to work as intended.

I hope you enjoy this scenario, it was a bit of a nightmare during testing, but having sorted the issues it is now working as intended. That being said, if there are any issues or anything missing or you experience any problems with the scenario then please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue.