1Z37 – 08:52 Fort William to Mallaig / 1Z38 – 11:34 Mallaig to Fort William

1Z37 – 08:52 Fort William to Mallaig / 1Z38 – 11:34 Mallaig to Fort William

13th April 2024 2 By Poolecj

This download contains 2 scenarios for the West Highland Line Extension route, depicting the ‘Jacobite replacement’ feasibility run on the 8th April 2024. Both scenarios have semi-interactive RETB scripted into them. As there is currently no working reskin of 37667, I have used 37411 from the Vulcan Productions BR Green 37 pack instead. This download also includes a ‘Trail’ variant for both 37409 and 37411.

A manual is included demonstrating what buttons to press in each scenario to work the RETB system and under which circumstances. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend refamiliarisng yourself with how the RETB system works in general by playing any of the scenarios that come with the West Highland Line Extension by default unless you already have working knowledge of RETB operations.

Please also make sure that your installation of the West Highland Line Extension utilises the AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 weather files as this route is not covered by this pack by default.

Copy both the ‘Content’ and ‘Assets’ folder from the scenario download into your Railworks folder.

• West Highland Line Extension (Steam)
• North Somerset Railway (Steam)
• Class 37 Volume 1 (Armstrong Powerhouse)
• Class 66 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
• Mk1 Coach Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
• Mk3 Coach Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
• Mk2 DBSO (Armstrong Powerhouse)
• Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack V2.0 (Armstrong Powerhouse)
• Class 73/9 Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
• Mk5 Coach Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
• 37409 LSL Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
• LSL ScotRail Push-Pull Pack (Backdated Trainsim)
• Class 37 BR Green 37403/411 (Vulcan Productions)

As always, please leave any comments/feedback etc in the comments section.