1Z20 Edinburgh Waverley – Manchester Victoria: Royal UK Tour

1Z20 Edinburgh Waverley – Manchester Victoria: Royal UK Tour

16th December 2020 0 By FunkyDcz

Work a portion of the Royal UK tour. The service has earlier worked down from Edinburgh and will end up in Manchester later. Work the service to Leeds. The Royal Train – 67006 (Royal Sovereign) & 67005 (Queens Messenger) are your traction.




ATS LeedsLines                                                                        AlanThomsonSim



Class 159 Pack01                                                                     Steam

Class 91 Pack 02                                                                      Steam/DTG

Class 67 Pack02/Royal                                                            Steam

Class 801 Pack                                                                         Steam/DTG

Class 156 Pack01                                                                     Armstrong Powerhouse

HIA Wagon Pack                                                                       Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 150/2Pack01 (Not Essential)                                        Armstrong Powerhouse

Jake Fuller 185&Reqs                                                               AlanThomsonSim

Voyager                                                                                      Just Trains

Class 153                                                                                   Just Trains


EWS Company Train MK3a Pack&Reqs                                  AlanThomsonSim

VTEC/LNER 225 Pack                                                              AlanThomsonSim

LNER Class 800 Reskin                                                            AlanThomsonSim

Class 67 EP                                                                               Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 158 Cummins EP                                                            Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 155Pack Northern                                                          MajorWalesDesign

Class 158 Northern Variants by Lewis Clowes                      AlanThomsonSim



Weather Enhancement Pack                                                  Armstrong Powerhouse




* As with all scenarios utilising AP products, it is ESSENTIAL that you have all extra stock packs installed. This will ensure the correct functionality and working of the scenario!