[1W44] London Victoria to Brighton | Class 377 | Closing down for Christmas

[1W44] London Victoria to Brighton | Class 377 | Closing down for Christmas

4th December 2020 3 By Josh_A99

In this scenario, you’ll be taking Class 377 416 & 377 448 to operate train 1W44, the 2156 service from London Victoria to Brighton. It’s Christmas Eve and this is the last service heading South before everything wraps up for Christmas Day. Your also one of the last services on the network, so it should be smooth running. However, there has been adverse weather throughout the day and it’s still continuing to snow lightly, so be cautious of wheelslip. On arrival at Brighton, you’ll need to swap ends and shunt the unit into the depot before finishing your shift for Christmas.

Year set: 2020
Weather: Winter + Light Snow
Operators: Southern, Southeastern, Thameslink, South Western Railway

Duration: 71 mins
Difficulty: Hard

Brighton Mainline (London to Brighton) – Steam
Class 377– Armstrong Powerhouse + all associated requirements
Class 700/707/717 Pack – Alan Thomson Sim
Class 313 – Armstrong Powerhouse + all associated requirements*

* Is not needed to play the scenario, but adds to the immersion so is recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: You may arrive a few minutes before the arrival time on the F1 menu. This is because like IRL the timetables have a lot of padding and you often find longer than usual waits at major stops on the line. I will also this month be uploading several more scenarios all based on Christmas Eve workings on multiple maps, so keep a look out!