1W22 15:00 London Kings Cross-Stirling

1W22 15:00 London Kings Cross-Stirling

31st March 2024 6 By Cactus732

Despite continuing to be booked as an HST, completion of electrification from Edinburgh to Stirling allowed LNER to utilize Class 91/Mk4 sets on the daily 1W22 service from Kings Cross-Stirling. On a warm July evening you’ll be in charge of 91122 on the final shift of the service between Edinburgh and Stirling

Scenario Length: 55 Minutes
Scenario Route: Network Scoteast V2 Part 1


AP Class 91EP + ATS/BH Reskins LNER/VTEC Pack
AP MTU HST EP + Majorwales Scotrail Inter7City + James Ivell HST Improvement Patch*
AP Class 170EP + Chris Horsfield ASR/FSR Pack
AP Class 68EP
AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack
DTG GEML + Alastair Cowell Class 334 Pack from Suburban Glasgow
DTG Glasgow-Alloa/Dunblane + ATS Class 385 EP


AP Sky/Weather EP
AP Signal EP

*=uses additional FGW Mk3 variants, if you don’t wish to install the full patch you can just copy the appropriate files by moving the asset folder into your railworks directory but DO NOT overwrite when prompted.

Known Inaccuracies:

FGW branding on Mk3s, all the previously available Ex-FGW/Unbranded reskins are currently unavailable. I plan to update this if/when they are re-released.