1W02 Leeds to Aberdeen 2023

1W02 Leeds to Aberdeen 2023

26th March 2023 11 By North East Scotland Railway videos

1WO2 Leeds to Aberdeen

Today you will be driving LNER’s 1W02 0708 Leeds to Aberdeen Azuma service fpr a total mileage of 320.90 miles. Based loosly on 28 02 23 timetable. This day saw any freight that might of the past not running. I added on in part 4b, NMT pt3 and the Midland Pullman in part 1 (which didn’t happen on this day) cause we can. This drive covers almost the whole run with only the Montrose/Aberdeen section not being sceanry covered although its track is in the Angus route.

The routes covered in this is

ATS, Doncaster, Leeds, York Merge pt1. DP’s Northern Lines the latest version that has Yarm and Sunderland in it, pt 2. Dp’s East Coast Mainline North east route pt3. Pt 4 a&b Just trains Newcastle to Edinburgh. Pt 5 DTG Fife circle. Pt 6 Just Trains Scottish East Coast mainline. Caladonian Railworks Angus Route.

Take note after I had made the whole run I realised that I had the 800 different ways round in some of the parts, to save time I just swapped the cars round. Part 4 a this solution caused issued so unfortunetly its running differnt formation from the other parts.

Core requirements these are for all the parts to work,

DTG 801, ATS,800ats extra equipment patch, AP 800 enhancment pack, 158 enhancment pack, ap weather 2.0, Signaling pack, Track pack,

Note the 158 requirement for part 4b is static only

B&Q Common Brick to replacate the 800s comfort

Just trains Voyager 2019 and ATS updated consists for parts 1,2,3,4a&b,5

Now these are the parts requirements
DTG 91 and ap enhancement along with Brad Hardings 91 livery pack,
ATS 185, 800 LNER Tartan repaint, 43 049 repaint this includes AP requirements
MJWs 43 Improvment patch and LSL Midland Pullman HST and associated requirements

ATS 185,
AP 156 (static
dtg 380

Part 3 only
ATS 40th Cross country repaint, ATS 185
rsc 67 pack one for static

This is static only Just Trains autoballester and AP’s JNAs pack

Pt 4
RSC 67packone
AP 156 (pt a only)
RSC 66 pack 3 and AP enhancement
WCML trent Valley route (ptb only)
Thomson 170 pack static in pt 4b
mjw scotrail inter7city livery
Totalized media Scotrail 380 (static 4b)

Tomson 170 and AP enhancement
MJW Scotrail inter7city HST and requirements
Totalized media 380 part 5 only

Note part 5 has BTP liveried 170 by Caladonian Railworks

Hope you enjoy