1V95 0820 Holyhead to Cardiff Central

1V95 0820 Holyhead to Cardiff Central

24th January 2023 2 By Adam Forsyth

My First Scenario using the Signal Pack!

You are the booked driver of the 0820 services from Holyhead to Cardiff Central. Your calling pattern is all stations to Llandudno Junction then main stations to Chester where you hand over to another driver on a damp Saturday morning.


DTG North Wales Costal (newest version)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175 Enhancement Pack V2
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 DMU Add On
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Enhancement Pack Perkins

Major Wales Designs Class 175 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Designs Class 150/2 TfW Reskin
Major Wales Designs Class 158 TfW Reskin

Armstrong Powerhouse Signal Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather Pack


Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack

Please be assured this scenario has been fully tested however should any issues crop up, please let me know. Feedback is welcome