1V03 05.50 Salisbury – Paignton (1993)

1V03 05.50 Salisbury – Paignton (1993)

17th February 2019 0 By Matt Carroll

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During the chaotic Summer timetable, you are driving 159008 working Network South East’s morning departure
from Salisbury, which on high Summer Saturdays runs through to Paignton. We join the run at Honiton and
will be working through to Paignton. Year : 1993

Requirements :
Railways of Devon and Cornwall route
European Asset Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Valenta enhancement pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 2d-2f pack
DTG Virgin Trains pack 1
rfletcher72 InterCity Swallow class 47/8 pack (from Vulcan Productions)
RSC Class 159
Armstrong Powerhouse class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack
RSC NSE class 117 pack
RSC British Rail class 101 pack
Armstrong Powerhouse class 101/117/121 sound pack
Armstrong Powerhouse class 150/2 pack
Just Trains Common Assets (included in Western Main Lines, route requirement)
Riviera Line in the 50s (route requirement)
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather enhancement pack

I hope you enjoy this scenario.