1S02 06.10 Doncaster – Aberdeen NL65 – Part 2 (2018) v1.1

1S02 06.10 Doncaster – Aberdeen NL65 – Part 2 (2018) v1.1

11th February 2019 1 By Matt Carroll

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Update v1.1 26/03 : Edited to include LNER HST reskin pack and power cars reversed, title changed to ‘part 2’.

It’s the last weekend of September 2018. As the ECML north of Newcastle is closed, the NL65 HST set has been used to operate an out-and-back diagram from Doncaster to Aberdeen and return, running via the Tyne Valley and Beattock. You have taken over here at Edinburgh and will drive to Dundee, calling at Haymarket, Inverkeithing, Kirkcaldy and Leuchars.
Part one is now available, which sees you drive from Carlisle to Edinburgh.

Requirements :
Just Trains Scottish ECML
European Asset Pack
LNER / VTEC HST Pack – available on ATS
Armstrong Powerhouse MTU and VP185 HST enhancement packs
RSC Class 159
Armstrong Powerhouse class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack
Just Trains Voyager (Advanced)
Thompson class 170
Armstrong Powerhouse class 170 enhancement pack
Oovee class 156
Class 156 Scotrail Saltire reskin
GARL Class 380
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather enhancement pack