1Q80 15:56 Mossend-Mossend via Helensburgh Central

1Q80 15:56 Mossend-Mossend via Helensburgh Central

21st September 2021 5 By stephen bell

In this scenario you are in charge of a Network Rail test train from Cowlairs West Junction to Helensburgh Central.You will be driving Direct Rail Services 37259, with 37419 on the back.

You will need the following:

Suburban Glasgow Northwest:Springburn-Helensburgh Central
Great Eastern Mainline:London-Ipswich
Class 170
Southern Class 455/8

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol 1
MK1 Coach Pack Vol 1
MK2 D-F Coach Pack
Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 170 Enhancement Pack

Suburban Glasgow
Refurbished Class 318 Reskin Pack
Class 334 Reskin Pack

Alan Thomson Sim
Network Rail Mk1 Generator / GUV by FLYIN9 SCOTSMAN

AP Class 37 – WIPAC Patch